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Re: Recordings..turns into loops with variation

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 actually, if you run the output from your jamman
 into your vortex, you can mangle the looped material
 to your heart's content. This is great fun, and I recommend
 that you *do* try this at home :-)

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 >In a message dated 10/5/98 4:39:02 AM GMT, you write:
 ><< ...hey, wouldn't it be great to have a looper that can (on
 > >command) apply some kind of variation to the material it is cycling -
 > >possibly reacting to what the soloist is doing?
 > > >>
 >the lex vortex can do this,
 >with the right program it can take a 2s loop and rearrange it.
 >this will be on my vortex database soon, (not yet)
 >              Andy Butler
 Yes, but with the vortex alone you can do stuff that actually reorders the
material in the loop,  a bit like making a tape loop , cutting it up, and
resplicing it in a different order. Sorry the original post was so vague.
 Andy Butler