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RE:OZ price for Echoplex.

Firstly there are two channels to go through to get an EDP to Australia.
Go through the single Gibson distributor, and pay $3000, no chance of
getting a good price on a one off.
Or try and ship one over myself.

The best price I have been able to get so far is from Bananas at large,
which is $755 for the EDP, pedal board and full RAM.

Add an extra $200 US for insured shipping.

The australian dollar when I checked last recently was at $0.55 US, so
that made 1:1.82 

That makes the base price $1374, and shipping $364.

For Australian duties and tax the calculation goes:

Purchase price "lifted an extra %20 for tax and duty calculation" (It's
a legislation)
So that makes the amount tax is calculated on is 1374*1.2 = 1649.

Tax is %25.4, and duty is another %5 or %10.
So depending on how they calculate it, the price could be $620 extra.
That makes $1994, plus $364 shipping.
Which makes a grand total for this method $2358.

Somewhat cheaper than the "Proper channels" method, however, I would
invalidate any warranty or support claims by not going through the
Australian distributor.

It is unlikely that I could ever send the EDP back to the US to get it
repaired if something odd happened to it, so the risk is quite a bit
higher than a normal purchase.

If the exchange get's more favourable, I will get an EDP, but not at

As for Mel Gibson

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> >>I was not going to buy any "small" loopers, because i 
> >thought the EDP
> >>would be a much better tool.
> >>However, this ZOOM cost me $300 Australian, has a few 
> >decent features,
> >>but an Echoplex would cost me $3000 to get shipped over.
> >>Hardly an option at the moment.
> >>
> >>Chalk up one thing living in the US has going for it - much lower
> >>prices\higher wages.
> >
> >I just checked exchange rates, which are:
> >Rate: Australian Dollar per 1 United States Dollar : 1.618647
> >
> >So if an echoplex costs US$650, it would be AUS$1052, right? 
> >Is shipping
> >really going to cost you AUS$1948 ($1203)?  Somehow that 
> >seems a wee little
> >bit exaggerated. :-)  Or is there some sort of exhorbitant 
> >down-under tax?
> >Mel Gibson moved to LA and now you have to make up the 
> >difference from his
> >lost income taxes?
> >
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