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Recordings: absolutely some loop content

Just curious, but...

Of all the current listening, I saw no mention of Lanois' Sling Blade
soundtrack. I haven't heard it in a while, hence it wasn't on my list, but
I did happen to listen to it yesterday, and am still amazed by some of his
tasteful loops, especially with the Kay tremolo. And "The Maker" is just as
powerful a tune as the first time I heard it (yikes, 1989!). He gigged at a
record store here in Santa Monica a while back (w/ E.Harris), and I was
able to check out his gear; a (very) nice collection of vintage Fenders,
AC30, several Kay thingies, 'Rang, and a whole lot of (not so)
slight-of-hand with patchcords between tunes...


Lance G.