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Re: Wanted: Source for Echoplex in Canada


I think you're working off some old news here. For a period about 1-2 years
ago, Oberheim was having all sorts of production trouble, and was way
behind. Waiting lists for the echoplex were six months long or worse. Over
the past year though, they fixed their problems and got echoplex production
ramped up to meet all the demand. These days, Oberheim is busting them out
and most OB dealers have them in stock. I guess if you can't find one at
the usual places noted (bananas at large, musicians friend, mars music, 8th
street music, all do mail order...), then contact OB to help you fnd a
dealer with units available. The OB customer service person is:  Mike Ayers

good luck,


At 8:19 AM -0700 10/8/98, Howard Harawitz wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I am thinking about buying an Echoplex, but it appears that not all 
>carry them, and finding one in Canada seems to be even more difficult than
>it is in the US. I just received the following response from a major
>Canadian music dealer:
>The Oberheim Echoplex does exist.  I have sold about seven of the units
>this year.  The reason I say they exist is that they took over a year to
>come in from Oberheim initially, and delivery continues to be slow and
>unpredictable.  Nevertheless, I have had good luck in getting them as our
>store has a decent relationship  with the Oberheim people; I'm pretty sure
>I can get more.  The unit last sold for $1,050.00 CDN plus tax; the
>footswitch sells for $175 CDN plus tax.
>If you can handle this I can tell you that this is the best unit of its
>kind, and I would be happy to get you one.  All I ask for is patience, and
>a 10% deposit.
>So far, that is the ONLY positive response I received :-(  One US dealer 
>Synthony, I believe -- said that they didn't handle Echoplexes at all, and
>I have received no reply from the few other US and Canadian suppliers that
>I have corresponded with.
>Surely, there is a way to get an Echoplex in this part of the world 
>waiting for a year. The price above is equivalent to about US$660. Is this
>reasonable? I prefer to buy in Canada because of the customs/currency
>hassles. Can anyone give me an email address and/or telephone number of a
>Canadian dealer who has one of these in stock at a decent price?
>Thanks in advance,
>Howard Harawitz      howard@brooknorth.com
>Brooklyn North Software Works Inc.
>Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
>Telephone: 1-902-423-0257
>Check the Halifax Harbor Cam: http://www.brooknorth.com/camsite/

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