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Re: Childrens' Sequencer Program

>Does anyone know of a sequencer program that works like the old
>Electro-Harmonix sequencer--8 sliders (one for each note in the 
>that produce an endless loop?

check out VAZ.  it's a software based synthesizer for PC with a 16 step 
slider-based sequencer.  i'm not sure if there's a mac version.  i 
believe there's a demo version out somewhere on the web.  i'll see if i 
can find an url.

btw, the synth sounds on VAZ are great, very rich.

>I want to introduce my kids to looping.

way to go.  i'm planning a similar experiment.  i plan to sit my 
(musically-handicapped) girlfriend in front of my computer with sonic 
foundry's ACID and a directory full of loops.  to me, the program is 
very intuitive.  i want to see what sounds come out with a complete 


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