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Cakewalk etc, Hardware req.??

hey folks...

I see that Electronic musician etc has a  special issue - bundled with a CD
of demo software, Cakewalk is one of 'em. another is 'guitar studio'

I'd like to try this stuff out- i have a pentium PC - what kind of hardware
do i need to add to use virtual studio stuff like this??? i'd like to start
recording on this crazy machine -i know this is dumb question to most - but
i figured - hey - quick and lazy gets the fast accurate answers..

oh - and - any Zappa fans out there in MA, NY, PA, NJ, my FZ tribute band
will be throwing down some shows, most weekends this month -culminating
with the knitting factory on Halloween, which, for those far afield, will
be available live via realaudio; check their eponymous site, or ours>>

peace - andre' east