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Re: Childrens' Sequencer Program

>Does anyone know of a sequencer program that works like the old
>Electro-Harmonix sequencer--8 sliders (one for each note in the sequence)
>that produce an endless loop?
>I want to introduce my kids to looping.
There's a shareware windows program called SEQ303 avaolable from Metaphoric
Software, programmed by Jim Johnson. Being a mac snob, I haven't used it,
but it looks very cool, and Jim really knows his analog stuff. He also
makes an equally cool looking multichannel arpeggiator called ARPX8.

For info: http://www.technotoys.com/seq303.htm

Also, there are a few hardware analog-style sequencers out there, though
the cost may be a bit more than you'd like. I have a Doepfer MAQ16/3, which
offers 3 rows of 16 knobs, both cv and MIDI outputs and a very flexible
MIDI implementation.

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org  : www.peak.org/~improv/

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together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
                                            -Sun Ra