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I got myself some KILLER LOOPS!!

Greetings Kim and all others,

Well, it's happened. I finally found some KILLER LOOPS again. Those who   
have been on this list long enough might remember that quite some time   
ago I mentioned seeing some boxes with the aforementioned name on them in  
an optician's shop. Since the only time I was near there was about 02:30,  
I could never find out what they were. By the time I managed to get there  
in the day, they didn't have any.

At last the mystery has been solved! Another store has them on sale (an   
auto-parts, etc. store of all places), so I bought a pair. It turns out   
they are, as I'd surmised originally, sunglasses. Made in Italy, and   
distributed here by Ray-Ban, the suggested price is $150 Cdn., but they   
are being sold for $40!! Most of them are that oval, bug-eye style that   
seems to be all the rage, in all sorts of colours, but I managed to find   
some more reasonable black square ones (they fit in a pocket easier).

I have had the box scanned here at work, and will send it on, Kim, if you  
have access to a Mac ('cuz that's what it was scanned on to). Perhaps   
there could be a space for "sightings" as on the Elephant Talk site.

Best wishes to all (and beware of those KILLER LOOPS!!!!)

Jim Bailey