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Re: Childrens' Looping

What?!? You mean to say didn't keep it for, uh, personal use? Or did you
try it out extensively before indulging in the wondrous act of giving?


Joseph Buck schrieb:
> Hi All-
> Actually I have given my goddaughter a little looping thingie that
> playskool has made.
> It looks kinda like a jukebox and has about 16 rhythms, sound effects,
> and instrument parts.
> How it works is that the bambina can assign any of these voices to any
> of 6 spaces and the piece loops. You can change sections on the fly as
> well.
> Really fun to show her how things can build or change...
> selam,
> Buck
> >In a message dated 10/9/98 6:23:20 AM, Mark@asisoftware.com writes:
> >
> >>Does anyone know of a sequencer program that works like the old
> >>Electro-Harmonix sequencer--8 sliders (one for each note in the
> sequence)
> >>that produce an endless loop?
> >>I want to introduce my kids to looping.
> >
> >i'm curious as to why you've focussed upon introducing yer kids to
> looping via
> >a 'sequencer', as opposed to having them looping actual audio (via, ya
> know:
> >EDP, jamman, boomerang, etc.....) ?
> >looping airborne sounds can be such a vivid, visceral experience, i
> think:
> >what with a microphone, harmonica, hand-drum, turntable, bass, guitar
> and/or
> >*whatever* as kiddly-controlled input.
> >anyway,
> >in my experience:
> >botha my boys cut their loop-teeth on a PCM42/digitech thingie/jamman,
> etc.;
> >many years later, botha them continue to loop, as a source for their
> own
> >enjoyment & creativity.
> >best,
> >dt
> >
> >
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