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reading & listening of late.

Looper's Delight Comp #1....so glad to finally here this baby. Lots of
variety, good muisc. I wonder how the contributors feel about their work
now, two years later.

Derek Baily......Aida...solo guitar improvs from the master...seems as if I
need to hear some solo Derek every few days. Anyone ever seen him live??

Frank Gerace/Dreamchild  Gates to the Sea beautiufl voacls with nice guitar
loops, bass, and percussion.....Some of these pieces are really haunting.
Frank is on the list. Give him a listen.

Can- Cannabilism Vol2

Flying Saucer-  Attack New Lands

Bill Frisell- Quartet

Mike Vargas _ Whispering the Turmoil Down beautiful solo piano work fromt
htis Boulder, CO based artist. One of my faves so far thisyear. Sort of an
update on Satie and Feldman

Which lead to...

Morton Feldman Chamber Music

Jeff Collins Gutar Sonata's

As far as reading:

I alwyas enjoy flipping through and starting on any page and finding
inspiration the following three works.

The collected writings of Robert Motherwell

Silence By John Cage

The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

Also any work by Thich Nhat Han

Certain dribble by one recently known as Fribble..

Oooppsss that's three plus works......

And of course I reead a lot of postings about machines.Y2k, gigs,
independent CD releases.......

Hey question everyone Have you purchased an independent release lately? We
all need to help one another..



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