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Suggestion for new looper feature

Something that I'd like to see in all future looping devices is a dry out 
jack.  Older rackmount delays, such as the Digitech units always had 
this, which allowed me to send the unlooped preamp signal to one input of 
my mixer (passing through the looping unit), and the wet-only output from 
the looper to another.  

Using a preamp with stereo outs, I could have two parallel looping 
devices, maintain the preamp stereo image, and then have the two effects 
loops available for post loop processing (most small mixers seem to have 
only two effects loops).  Many of us have bemoaned the limitations of 
commercially availabe small mixers (six, eight channels) for looping 
applications, typically wishing for more sends.  Any manufacturers of 
current or future looping devices on the list, please take note.


Travis Hartnett