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RE: Readings

Stephen (and all),

Have you also read "The Forge Of God," by Greg Bear?  If not, I could lend
you my copy.  I love it, particularly the ongoing universal fight between
good and evil.  It reminded me a great deal of John Bryne's take on 
(from Fantastic Four).  I hope that I haven't stretched the threads of this
topic too taut.


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> I thought I'd chip in, and tell what I'm reading right now - and a fine
> distraction from bus-riding it is!  "Songs of Earth & Power" by Greg Bear
> is
> something a friend lent me, and despite my internal comparisons to "The
> Talisman", a Stephen King/Peter Straub collaboration, it would seem to be
> much more substantial.
> And a great read.  One premise involves the faerie folk not liking music,
> especially when it comes from humans, because they perceive all music as
> being potential magic, depending on its construction; thus, in our hands
> it's like we're playing with explosives, though we don't realize it.  
> as a result, it's banned in their Other World... :)
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