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Re: Boomerang question...

evening wrote:
> While mentioning to a friend about looking for an OB echoplex he
> suggested that I buy his little used Boomerang.
> I have one question: Is the memory upgradeable? He has a 30sec/1min
> version.
> Thanks,
> jmw

hi jmw,

the memory is certainly upgradable... standard 30 pin 4 meg RAM boosts the
'rang to 2min/4min... all that needs to be done is open 'er up, pull out 
same looking 1 meg card and plug in the 4 meg (there are fairly sturdy pegs
holding it in)...

if you've got the cash go the 'plex though.... or buy both... the 'rang 
has no
midi for electronic percussion and might not have enough sampling rate for
acoustic percussion (you lose a bit of top... which is just fine for my 
dark guitaring)


pssst.. i love the 'rang