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Space Groove

I dunno about you, but I kind of like Space Groove.  It's great 
music for driving, that's for sure, especially if you are on a 
rather long trip.

It's also rather interesting in that on that first track, Fripp
gets to solo until his brain falls out (I've finally decided that
this is Fripp instead of Gunn as there are several obvious 
Fernandes Sustainor bits in there, as well as some Digitech Whammy
pedal usage).

Yes, it's not heavily composed and maybe not recorded with an air
of "THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT RECORDING" about it, but it's sort of
rare to hear Fripp in a "jamming" situation, where he's obviously
improvising over a groove (I don't think Thrakattack counts...)

It sounds fun to me - for that, I like it.  I'm waiting for the
next real King Crimson project for "next generation" innovation.