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RE: Ancient recordings

Cute idea, but it just doesn't withstand scrutiny. 

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Fascinating but how is this a recording.
I'd like to visit the site myself. What a great place to do a gig!!
Of course you'd have to assess the frequencies produced and adjust your
key accordingly.
Incidentally I've heard of someone trying to extract audio from Roman
The theory is that as the potter's wheel turned, the hand of the potter
slid down the outside of the pot acting as an acoustic pickup. Similar
to a wax cylinder. This would harden to produce a recording of the room
assuming the more or less constant speed of the potter's wheel ;)
> THE Mayans may have made the world's first audio recording a thousand
years ago. This is the claim of an acoustics engineer who says
> the properties of echoes produced by Mayan pyramids suggest they were
built to copy the cry of sacred birds.