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If you want to order Echoplex with or without the footpedal controller, and
memory expansions, you can order them through Long & McQuade in Pine Brook,
N.J.  Dino at Gibson/Oberheim has indicated that units are in stock and are
available for quick shipment.  They are an Oberheim dealer.

You might also try ordering them through Dave Phillips Music in 
NJ...908-454-3313....ask for Dave Phillips , Steve or Pete.  I understand 
Gibson dealers can now supply these products...Dave Phillips is a Gibson

Sam Ash or Manny's in NY or the NJ offices, or Guitar Center for that 
should also be able to supply them.

I just got two units to use in stereo (master/slave) with upgraded memory 
foot controller..the units are a gas...I particularly like the fact that I 
have a verse and chorus of different lengths, and switch between loops.  I
couldn't do that with my Jamman!

Dino at Gibson/Oberheim has been of great help to me in getting my
units...complete with pretty good manuals.  They're available if you have
problems, or questions.  Dino is a member of this Loopers list
too....DCattane@gibson.com.  He's a good guy, and willing to assist.

I highly recommend the product, and considering what it does for me, I'll 
a return on investment in no time...particularly since I don't need to 
have a
rhythm guitarist with me on my solo gigs...and I'm free to improvise.  I 
it for my coffee house gig.

Regards, Wayne Wesley Johnson