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---Howard Harawitz <howard@brooknorth.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> (snip)
>I am extremely
> reluctant to order an Echoplex from anyone at this point. IMHO, if
they are
> really interested in selling these things, Gibson/Oberheim needs to
> with these issues.
> Regards,
> Howard
As an owner of 3 Echoplex digital pros, my take is that this is not a
Gibson/Oberheim issue.  Rather, it is an issue with who you choose to
buy the EDP (or anything else) from, whether you ask them if they have
it in stock, whether you ask when it will ship, and whether they are
honest with you. 

As of last week, Robbs music in Boulder, CO. USA (303 443-8448) had 2
EDP and 1 footpedal in stock, ready to sell.  They told me $700 for
the EDP and $135 for the footpedal.  They told me they would match
price. I found Bannan's at Large (don't remember which store) had them
for $699 and $109 for the footpedal, and they too would also match the
best price you find (they had 2 in stock).  So, find your price, call
Robbs or Banana's at Large, or whoever, ask the right questions, deal
with the store that you believe you can trust. If they lie (and do not
ship on time), then you have recourse to cancel the order and go
somewhere else.

Oberheim/Gibson cannot possible control what any given salesman/phone
order person at all dealers will tell you (or not tell you, if you
don't ask).  

Dino and Mike at Gibson/oberheim have always responded to my requests
promptly and honestly.

The EDP is remarkable, I have owned 2 Jammen, and also have a
boomerang phrase sampler.  Not to start a "which is better" argument,
the EDP has capabilities that I find extremely useful, and more suited
to my needs and interests than the other 2.  In my experience, it is
no more difficult to find and buy an EDP than a boomerang, and is
easier than buying a Jamman (as it is discontinued).

If you want to get frustrated with a manufacturer, ask Electro
Harmonics when the 16 second delay will again be available ;-)

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