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need info on GR300 Help!

I know it's not looping exactly but i but someone here can fill in the
blanks on this creature.

I have a chance to buy a GR300 (roland analog guitar synth) and GR303
controller (evidently the two cutaway "SG" type model). I have never
played one of these and only know the hype:

"It tracks really weel"

"Fripp et all played them"

What I'm looking for is some more indepth practical info on it. Or even
the GR303 guitar for that matter. how is the tracking compared to a
decent midi comtrller guitar (I use a casio MG series and like it but
it's obviously not perfect)

Anything I should look out for or check tomake sure it's 100%.

I have a ton of synths (including polyphonic rolands and lots of analog
monosynths and some modular stuff). Does this unit offer anything unique
in sound or style that other synths and guitar/midi guitars in
particular are missing?

The price ain't low but it seem reasonable for such a rare piece. i just
want to be sure I can use the sucker.

Any info on insight appreciated. All I have right now is a JPG of the
floor unit and no specs. I've tried two archives but didn't come up with
much more.

thanks for any/all help!