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RE: EDP bulk purchase

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> >Subject: EDP bulk purchase
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You have stirred EDP lobal brain activity.!!
You have awakened the primordial loop in all of us.!!
You have..

Oh... and I too would be interested in the group purchase.

I have some suggestions on how this should be carried out.
If the bulk purchase is made through a dealer, then a single trustworthy
dealer\person should be the contact.
All of the Echopli should be in stock at once if possible, and all of
the funds should be transferred at around the same time.

All of the Echopli should be maxxed out with memory, yes?

As far as price goes, I would think that for a maxxed out EDP with foot
controller, $600 would be a great buy, and $650-$670 would be realistic
bulk purchase.. Anyone have any price comments?.

Also, everyone should have the same order, ie. limit the possibility of

For people of non-US residence, then maybe a person\people in the US can
send the EDP to others as "gifts" or trivial non-commercial devices with
low price tags, so the recipients can avoid high taxes and duties.

To make this work, we also need a US contact for the bulk purchase.
Any volunteers?

To qualify you must have less than 5 years jail time for offences like
fraud, embezzlement etc.