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me2! me2! (was Re: EDP Group Purchase - I got prices...)

darn.  beat to the punch.  i just got back from Bananas at Large w/ a group
quote of $680 for Plex w/ 4 meg and footpedal.  Alan Rosen, the fellow i
work with there, is still checking on whether the volume could bring the
price down a bit more, and will get back to me by Monday.  he can take
individual credit card orders on the deal, & ship directly to each

i'm not claiming this to be better than the Alto Music deal, but told Alan
i would extend the offer. 

At 11:05 AM 10/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>OK - here's the scoop. I talked with the owner of Alto Music in 
>Middletown, NY and told him I might be able to move 7 to 10 units ( based 
>on the list response).
>$560 for the EDP
>$660 For both the EDP & Pedal + shipping (& tax if you're in NY)
>If we're gonna do this we'll have to work out some kind of pre-payment 
>scheme since I'm sure he won't order $4000 - 5000 of EDP's on a promise. 
>He's a very cool guy and ALWAYS gets me the best prices.

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