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RE: process threads . . . or what have you

> Yes, sometimes being too versatile can be a burden, I think someone spoke
> of 'option anxiety'. Especially true with the jazz world's
> 'trademark-sound' guys.  
        I tend to think of it as trying to bring something special to the
plate everytime I play - - having discrete musical experiences. Maybe more
like a painter or an author (oops, there I go again). In terms of how I do
things with compoistional frameworks for improv, I like to have different
settngs for much the same reason. Also, I figure that my personality is
going to come through anyway, I just want the colors to be a little
different from time to time. 

        Option anxiety can be a problem . . . luckily I don't have the time
for it anymore :-) I just have to hone in a  couple of selected concepts.