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EDP .. I'm in

I am in with footpedal ... please let me know about the next steps after a
decision is made as to where we are purchasing from

>>>So far it looks like there are about 3-4 people who are interested. The
>>>question of getting units "maxxed" with 16 Mb has come up a couple of
>>>times but since they don't come that way from the factory I think it
>>>might be best for everyone to deal with the memory issue individually.
>>>Maybe someone wishes to create another RAM co-op...
>>What about ordering an echoplex with 0 memory for those who would
>>only replace the factory installed 1MB or 256K simms with 4MB simms?
>Does Gibson sell a zero Mb version? or less than 4Mb version? I doubt it,
> but if they do that would be the way to go since I think we're all
>planning on dumping the 1Mb chips anyway.

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