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Re: Live at thw Knitting Factory

In a message dated 10/17/98 9:28:52 PM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,
jmar@bellsouth.net writes:

<< There is some wierd stuff going on now. Probably
 rehersal >>
regarding: glenn branca
im listening to this as i write and all i can think is "how long would it 
5 monkeys to re-create this music?" i dont want to think this, mind you, 
that is what keeps going through my head. is this the free improv that has
been discussed over the past few days? i can see in some sense that as a
player this could be interesting but as a listener its a bit rough for me 
get behind. but i must admit, this gives me some idea as to what those (un-
lucky?) folks whom  i have listen to my music must go through. this whole
concept of improv is a worthy topic which i hope to learn more about. for 
i am hipplessly shallow but with ears wide open.............<(*?*)> michael