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Re: Free improv

I typed  that while smiling. I did not intend to sound ugly. Typing ideas 
is tough for
me, hell my son says that I type slower than Stephen Hawkings.

 I have to agree with the monkees bit somewhat but I do like the textural, 
feel to free improve somtimes.

onward through the fog,


Jeff Duke wrote:

> Damn, I really enjoyed the show, now I find out that its not good music, 
>oh well.
> What would you recomend instead?
> Jeff ( No taste) Duke
> Gareth Whittock wrote:
> > > << There is some wierd stuff going on now. Probably
> > >  rehersal >>
> > > regarding: glenn branca
> > > im listening to this as i write and all i can think is "how long 
>would it take
> > > 5 monkeys to re-create this music?" i dont want to think this, mind 
>you, but
> > > that is what keeps going through my head. is this the free improv 
>that has
> > > been discussed over the past few days? i can see in some sense that 
>as a
> > > player this could be interesting but as a listener its a bit rough 
>for me to
> > > get behind. but i must admit, this gives me some idea as to what 
>those (un-
> > > lucky?) folks whom  i have listen to my music must go through. this 
> > > concept of improv is a worthy topic which i hope to learn more 
>about. for now
> > > i am hipplessly shallow but with ears wide open.............<(*?*)> 
> > >
> > Personally, I don't think you should be too shy about speaking your 
> > about the effectiveness of these dubious rules/non-rules regarding free
> > improvisation.
> > As I read these postings I found myself thinking:-
> > "And you expect people to listen to this?
> > Why not let a bunch of kids jump on your instruments?
> > They have fewer preconceptions than us adults.
> > I've nothing against new music ideas but lets have ideas that work, (i
> > know your going to say I'm being judgemental) but I function on the
> > premise that there IS good music and bad music.