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VG-8 or 2112

Ok, this may seem like comparing oranges & apples but.... I'm trying to 
choose between these. Does anyone have any comments regarding just the 
parts you can compare? Like the basic guitar timbre processing of the 
VG-8(or the synthesis there of?) I would especially like to hear from 
you folks who loop with a VG-8. Stuff like how you configure your loop 
setup w/ the unit. As a blossiming Guitar player/looper, I am ready to 
move up from my lowly SE-50 to a "real" guitar processor. I use a GR-50 
also and get into adding a little something special to that core analog 
sound from my STRAT. That core sound is what impressed me about the 
Digitech 2112. On the other hand I like synthesized sound too so here 
lies my problem. Are the various pickup config patches on the VG 
reasonably comparable to the 'ol analog ways?
Thanks, -Dennis

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