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Re: Re: Free improv

><< "Good art generates more art" >>
>Ahhh, but bad art also generates more art, both by people who say "that's 
>good art, I'LL show you what GOOD art is", but also by people who say 
>can do that and get (money/a showing/ a blow job/ fame / infamy) for it!"

Didn't mean to suggest a definitive, or exclusive, summing-up of all
possibilities--I guess my point is that, at whatever stage one finds 
for whatever reason, one useful test of artistic validity is whether or not
the experience inspires you to action...again, for whatever reason...maybe 
simply makes you feel briefly clearheaded; Paul Klee once described his own
state of active grace thus: 
                  "...a thousand questions disappear, as if answered."
At least for those of us plagued to make things, I find this a more
interesting experience than asking "But, is it any good?" Plus an active
response has the virtue of being something you just observe in yourself,
rather than being something to mull over!