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RE: John Schaeffer the excellent

John Schaeffer, he is.  I love that guy.  When I lived in New York I 
listened avidly to his shows in WNYC, for years.  I really miss him in the 
Bay Area, as there's nothing really like him.

He's one cool dude.  I visited NY this past month and heard one of his 
shows where he'd been to a music festival in London's City, and he had a 
tape recorder, walking around everywhere recording everything, whispering 
who that was doing what.  He made it all that more interesting.

Miss you, John.

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| Matthew Pierce wrote,
| > John is a man who deserves more reward than he receives and
| > humbly continues to keep the torch of new music afire. He has
| > also been pivotal for me and my close friends and will continue
| > to be so. All members of this list need to know who this man is.
| I had an email contact with John a week or two ago (to promote my 
| CD). I told 
| him about this list and about the Looper's Delight CDs. He was 
| interested and 
| wanted to have copies. I suggested to him to maybe dedicate a 
| complete 'new 
| sounds' evening to looping music. We'll see.
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