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FS: RDS 8000, $165 (Harmony Central)

Despite the recent EDP feeding frenzy, there may still be someone 
interested in this charming dinosaur.  Please respond to the e-mail in 
the ad, not to me.


Digitech RDS 8000 - 8 Second delay

Asking Price: US$165
Condition: Excellent
Age: N/A

       RDS 8000 time machine - rackmount digital delay with manual

       flanging, chorusing, slapback echo, infinite repeat, trigger, and 
       This unit does sound on sound layering up to 8 seconds.

       real time manipulation of delay parameters (knobs) - you can get 
some whacked sounds out of this.

       $165 + shipping
       $5 extra for COD

       Trades possible - interested in
       Digitech PDS 8000 (pedal version of same effect)
       SansAmp Bass Driver DI
       Monophonic analog synths (the wackier the better)

Seller: Bill Childs, 
E-mail: bchilds@bellsouth.net
Post Date: 10/19/98