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FS: semi looping related stuff.

man, the restaurant where I was waiting tables shut down and they're
turning it into a cul-de-sac so I need rent bad.  As a result I'm going to
need this stuff prepaid, as I don't even have money for food right now let
alone shipping.  You guys get first dibs though!

here' goes.

(Heavily loop related)

        Aria Effects programmer $80 This is a foot long unit with 15 
switches, 5
independant effects sends, and four foot pedals on it (1 bypass, 3
different programs).  Very usefull for switching effects and loops in and
out of the audio path. It also supplies power to 5 pedals. This unit is in
good condition but I have written the names of my effects in the little ID
boxes. $80 bucks and I'll pay shipping.

(Barely Loop Related)

        UMI treble, bass booster and mute 60$ This is a large silver 
effects box
that has knobs for treble enhancement (good),  mute (kind of a weak lowpass
filter), and bass boost (GREAT!)  With this box you can filter out all
treble from your bass and have super low dubstyle sub bass.  I don't really
want to get rid of it, but I need food. $60 and I'll pay shipping.

        Ibanez GE9 Graphic EQ $60 This is the old-school silver button 
light blue
model with 6 bands of EQ sliders and one volume slider. It's kinda worn and
scratched but sounds great! $60 and I'll pay shipping.

Thanks guys!