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Visual interest in music

>Reminds me of the distraction I've often experienced at some hi-tech
>concerts, where the performers don't seem to be performing, just 
>equipment--makes it hard to tell whether what you're hearing is the 
>or just prepatory maintenence; I'd rather be just hearing the sounds from 
>radio. In person, I seem inadvertently to demand the increased and 
>drama of watching something extraordinary being accomplished before my 
>by a charasmatic humanoid...it's as if music in person must also recognize
>that's it's dance, too.

Well, we all have our shortcomings.  In addition to a vigorous on-stage 
display of semi-rhythmic enthusiasm, I prefer that all the musicians be 
cute, between the ages of 19 and 29, and outfitted in the latest youth 

Travis Hartnett