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ANNOUNCING "MIDI Delay 3.01" Demo (Mac)

Midi Delay 3.01

Midi Delay does many of the same things as a hardware digital delay and
more...The program uses hardware digital delay terminology (such as
delay time, decay and feedback) making it very intuitive to use for most
electronic musicians. In this version of Midi Delay the user gets 15
seconds of delay time, and 10,000 repeats (feedback) on the main delay
and 16 multitap delay sections that allow 15 seconds of delay time on
each tap and the ability to send the taps on different midi channels
and/or to different midi instruments. The multitap section can be fed to
the main delay for further processing and cool looping effects.

Controllers can be turned ON and OFF for each tap and the main delay via
Midi Delay's Controller Matrix window. The main delay and each tap can
be transposed up or down by as much as seven octaves in half step
increments. This version also sports a keyboard splitter, reverse decay
switches for all taps and the main delay, and sustain pedal control over
the reverse decay. Midi delay supports Apple's Quicktime Musical
Instruments v2.0 and higher as an output source. All settings in Midi
Delay can be saved as a preset file and loaded later for instant recall
of all parameters. Midi Delay can also save your favorite setup as a
default starting setup.

Requirements - A Mac with a 68030 processor or greater running System
7.5.1 and up with 6 megabytes of extra ram. Midi Delay is a fat binary
application, which means it has native code for both the 680xx family of
processors and the PPC family of processors (601's, 603's, 604's and G3
750's).   A 14 inch monitor or larger is recommended, but not required.
A midi sound module and midi controller are also required as well as a
midi interface to connect the controller/module to the computer. (Midi
interface, midi controller and sound module may be the same device or in
the form of computer software such as Quicktime Musical Instruments).
Midi Delay also requires Opcode's OMS v1.2.3 or higher (Current Version
- 2.3.5) or Apple's Midi Manager v2.0.2 or higher.

OMS v2.3.5 can be Downloaded for FREE from:

Midi Manager 2.0.2 Download (FREE) from:

Using OMS 2.3.5 (or Opcode's Latest Version) with Midi Delay will
produce the best results and allow you to use all of Midi Delay's
features with a minimum of effort.

Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio


Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio