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RE: EDP Group Purchase: I got mine!

Likewise here regarding tips and tricks.  I find the "Multiply" button 
most intriguing.  Let's compile some tips and tricks.

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| Sent: Wednesday 21 October 1998 6:05 AM
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| Subject: EDP Group Purchase: I got mine!
| YES!
| Ok -  I ordered it a week ago, a few days before this group deal got 
| started - at a higher price than was quoted for the group buy, but the 
| price was adjusted accordingly. Gibson is right-on with it's delivery 
| time.
| The people at Alto are pleased & amazed at the response. they've got 6 
| solid orders and have rec'd lots of calls from loopers who are "gettin' 
| it together" cash-wise.
| Hopefully everyone will have their loopers soon and we can get down to 
| the business of music, bringing the list back to a "normal" state.
| I'm going to spend the day digging into the EDP. If anyone has 
| suggestions/tips/trick/techniques regarding the use of the EDP I'd love 
| to hear 'em.
| jmw