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Re: free improv/looping/composition

In a message dated 10/21/98 6:52:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
LiebigSA@Maritz.com writes:

<< Liebig >>
Dear all,

        I concur with Herr Liebig on this one, though I tend to use a few 
instruments and then construct layers using switch-stomp boxes and 
any instruments I can get my hands upon, so yes, typically I am a one-man 
vs. being a band member.  The "Looping" was done on an old "tape" echoplex
that has recently died, so it looks like the "Rang" might be the way to go,
vs. the EDH, at least I found the "Rang" far easier to control, and I 
liked the reverse sound.  It does a better job than my other analogue 
rack mount, so I'll have to scrounge the money up for it, eh?

        Like any device it can be used in any number of ways, it could be 
used like
Andy Summers as a back drop to play over, much like Marillion and/or David
Orton's music (which was really pretty, by the by...)  Or you could improv
over a loop and change the loops like what was done by Gary Lucas of Capt.
Beafheart or that of the groups Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static.
        Computer based looping is really getting more towards the 
industrial side of
things, especially considering that a drum machine is pretty much nothing 
than a sequencer, thus providing the same function on the synthesizer side.
Like the good old days of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.

        Maybe its me, but I just don't feel that there's really a right 
way or a
wrong way to write music, it all gets down to the audience and what they 
hearing, after all, you wouldn't want to be playing Aura (by Miles Davis)
inspired music to people that are really wanting to hear Les Paul 

        Have fun out there!

                "Vi Viri Venivirsium Vivius Vicci"