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Sometimes God Responds - (Mac software looper)

Hi all,

The past day's e-mail has been interesting. I'll try to address all the
questions in one single response...

>From Rob Monn:

>YOU ARE GOD!  I d/l'ed your looper and MSP runtime and it worked like a
>charm -- 4 60-second loopers at one time.  I have one request.  could you
>do a lite version requiring half the ram with two 60-sec loopers?  Only a
>request, but it would allow me to use my old powermac as a standalone
>looper unit.

It's tough being a Supreme Being... Seriously, I'm glad you have found the
software to be of good use.

I added a "lite" version of the patcher to the archive file on my homepage.
It has two delay lines of 60 seconds each and requires 24MB RAM. You can
grab it now...

>wow.  with tap tempo my mind would be blown.

Very possible...updates are in the works.

>the latency is crazy low, too.  what a dream.

That's all the work of MSP's author, David Zicarreli.


>From Todd Madson (God for a short time):

>Hi:  regarding your software looper.  Do I need to have Opcode Max to make
>it work?  If so, what version?  Or, do I need the MSP extensions to make
>Max to figure out the audio portions of things?  Or, do I just need the
>MSP extensions by themselves?

All that is required is the runtime version of MSP available from
http://www.cycling74.com/. This is the free version of MSP. You can't edit
or create patchers with this version however.

If you want to create your own or edit other patchers, you need Max 3.5.9
and MSP (currently at release 5). That's a big chunk of money, but well
worth it. I believe David Z has worked out a deal with Opcode to distribute
Max and MSP together in the near future. You'll have to check his site for


>From Jason Lescalleet:

>Anyone know of any good PC software for looping?

The good news: Max and MSP are officially being ported over to Windows.

The bad news: It's scheduled for late 1999.


>From Matthew Pierce:

>Awww, What about a software looper for us pc folks?
>Dear God...

See above response to Jason...


>From Stephen Goodman:

>What sort of files does Ken's player use?

It can output SDII and AIFF files. Currently there is no support for
reading from a file. It is an easy thing to add though.

Which leads to:

This little looper I wrote was and is an easy project. I am very open to
suggestions. Please write me with features you would like added. As always
"Procrastination" will remain freeware. It's my little gift to the looper

Have fun!


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