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Re: Information on contact microphones

Sound is nothing but vibrations so same thing only different. I remember 
that my
bro' Randy made a talk box type of contraption using a small speaker as a 
Thats the first I new of the mic -speaker duality. Damn , he made that 20+ 
ago it seems,


Age doesn't creep upon you it just happens.
                                                                 R.R. Duke
Jesse Kudler wrote:

> I knew that a speaker and a mic were basically the same thing reversed, 
> isn't a contact mic different from a dynamic mic?  Contact mics don't 
> up sounds, they pick up vibrations.  That's why they have to be touching 
> mic'ed object and why they can't feed back.
> -Jesse
> >That's right, a loudspeaker and a dynamic mic are essentially identical 
> >operation,
> >they're just used in opposite directions.
> >A walkman headphone contains 2 tiny loudspeakers.
> >Also a 'contact microphone' is (essentially) only an 'ordinary' 
> >which
> >is placed in contact with something.
> >........and .......quite often walkman headphones use screened cable 
> >looks).
> >........and........they're not too big.
> >
> >So basically a walkman headphone is two contact mics.
> >......Try it.
> >                      Andy Butler
> >
> >