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Re: Loopers-Delight Gr 300


        I have a GR 300 andi it is a very uniqe and special machine.  You 
can use it
with the 303 controller or with a GK1 pickup.  It is a matter of taste and
People in the Philadelphia area like to use the Ibanez synth guitar rather
than the Roland which was made by Ibanez.

        I have been using mine with a GK1in studio situations with a unit 
that I have
modded slightly ( I can send you a copy of the mods).

        GR 300 tracks like the new Roland units absolutely 
instantaneously.  People
confuse the GR 300 and the GR700 and GR50, they have tracking problems 
must play cleanly.

        It is a unique sounding unit with the ability to do great 
expressive work,
the hex fuzz and the tunable vco differential do great things.

        You must however, learn to play it but since you seem to have an 
analog synth
collection like mine you won't have a problem.

        You can use the controller , GK1 or Ibanez with a US2 switch to
simultaneously use a 300 and a 700 or a GM 70 (that's the Midi converter)

        I am looking for a Roland guitar if you decide you don't wnt it 
and go some
other controller route. Iam also looking for a US2 switch. I have a GM70
module for sale or trade.

        Hope this helps

Best Regards

Gino Wong

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