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Re: The story of our age?

Some wonderful answers so far...here's my $.02:

>Questions to all loopers:
>If music (& other artistic expressions) reflect interests and -- if you 
>-- the "story" of a generation or of an age --
>1) then what is the "story" of our age?

Here's an optimistic story:

Loss of innocence, expansion of awareness, individual responsibility,
creating and respecting boundaries.

Release of destructive patterns/behaviors.

Transformation of lonliness and suffering into connection and joy.

>2) what are examples of music today depicting today's story?

jimi hendrix, john lennon, & bob marley were all takin us there, and
there's been countless others...

general examples:

blues-based music,

any danceable and/or ecstatic music, -- for me: esp.
funk,reggae,ska,tribal,soul-jazz,some rock,some electronic,

music to support focusing & relaxing:  I like bansuri (bamboo flute) music
a lot...and minimal/ambient....and, of course, Loop Music!!