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TapTech II Concert in Baltimore 11/7/98

                                  TapTech II
                              Orion Sound Studios
                             2903 Whittington Ave.
                                 Baltimore, MD

                       Saturday, November 7th 1998 8:00PM

On the weekend of November 7th a collection of Warr Guitar and Stick
Players will be gathering at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, Maryland
for a weekend of collaborative work studying two handed tapping
techniques. As a part of this work, there will be a public performance
Saturday night at 8pm. The music will range from traditional jazz,
progressive rock, fusion to jam-based improvisational rock and more.
Admission is $5 for this all ages show. 

Performers will include:

Frank Jolliffe: Jazz artist Frank Jolliffe has performed throughout the US
and Europe for the last 22 years. He has taught touchstyle at both the
National Guitar Workshop (12 years) and the European Tap-Guitar Seminar (7
years).  He is the publisher of the TouchStyle Quarterly and recently
edited the Frank Paul book Rapid Fire Bass. This will be Frank's second
year teaching and performing at TapTech. See http://www.touchstyle.com/

The Dark Aether Project: Featuring Adam Levin (Warr 8 String Touch
Guitar/Loops), Yaman Aksu (Fretted and fretless Guitars) and Brian Griffin
(Drums), Expose writes "intense and blistering lead work...amazing loops
and shimmering textures that are at once haunting and dreamlike...worthy
of attention." Progression magazine says "jazz-inflected, often
minimalistic...foreboding soundscape[s]... mature musicianship without
pretentiousness."  See http://www.darkaether.net/

Three Hour Detour: This New Jersey trio features Ray Ashley
(Stick/Vocals), Joe D'Andrea (Drums/Vocals) and Helene Zisook (Electric
Violin). Their unique blend of upbeat progressive fusion draws from many
influences, from folk, jazz, improv rock to african rhythms. They'll be
playing material from their debut release on Clever Sheep records. See

William Bajzek: Whether recording or performing solo or in ensembles such
as Division Sign and A Fine Day, William's unique musical voice shines
through with his 12 string Warr Touch Guitar. His debut CD project _A Fine
Day_ is a collaboration with brother Peter Bazjek (acoustic guitar) and
Kelly McCaffery (saxophone) in an improvisational progressive jazz
setting. See http://juanvaldez.dws.acs.cmu.edu/~wb2a/

Other performers will include Squash (featuring Stick player Christopher
Dunne) and solo artist John Sillasen. More acts are still being confirmed.

For more information about TapTech seminars for two-handed tap
instrumentalists see: http://www.darkaether.net/tt2.html

For more information about The Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
at Orion Studios see: http://www.progrock.net/shows/showcase/


-Take I-95 to exit 50, Caton Ave. (Just inside the south west side of the
 695 beltway)
-Take Caton Ave south to the third traffic light and turn left onto
 Washington Blvd
-Go 1/4 mile up the hill to the U-Haul sign and turn right onto Inverness.
-At the end of Inverness, turn left onto Whittington Ave.
-Go to the end of Whittington and turn right into the parking lot
 at 2903 Whittington, in the Whittington Business Center.
-Orion is on the right.


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

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