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PROJEkT TWO Revisited...

As I write this, I'm listening to, and quite enjoying, Vol 2 of the Space
Groove double CD, despite my earlier very vocal annoyance...so, one
interesting CD and a free coaster for $18...not too bad! Apologies to all
concerned (is anybody?); I now regard myself as a "Fripp-fan," 
as always!
CD2 isn't earthshaking, either, but it's simply more reliably surprising 
to me
than that Groove disk; I always enjoy the sense of being present as fine 
explore new toys, and seem to actually be making some discoveries, not just
cruisin', as it sounded to me they were doing on the first disk. Reminds 
me of
another all-time fav disk of mine: Keith Jarrett, Book of Ways, which also
sounds like a great musician discovering a new instrument, and exploring 
it in
a fascinating way. If you like KJ and wonder what he'd do on a guitar, 
this is
prob. as close as you'll get---he close-mikes a clavicord so that its 
very faint-sounding plink comes off sounding agressively plucked and full.
It's also a double CD, and coincidentally, one disk is, to me, also pretty
much a one-time listen: it sounds like Jarrett's trying to prove that he 
Bach with the best of 'em, unlike the other disk where you get to listen 
as he
gets off on a new sound.
...apologies for my relentless subjectivity--can anyone relate?