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Re: Procrastination

Todd and others,

>Suggestions?  Since I have 80+ megs of ram, could we possibly have
>one very LONG loop?  (i.e. instead of four one minute loops, how
>about one four minute loop?)

Version 1.1 (available now) now contains "Procrastination long" - one 4
minute delay line. 1.1 also adds input mutes. This is a start toward more
flexible audio routing.

>Or have some way of configuring the
>number of loops vs. time?

Dynamic memory allocation is planned.

>Tap tempo would be nice.

Believe it not, I've never used any hardware loopers. I'm assuming that you
want to set a delay line's total time in response to you tapping in a 

Please elaborate on what you would like this to do. (Private reply please -
let's not waste bandwidth).

>Also, some sort of time display that would let the looper know what
>position he or she is within the loop currently playing?

Also possible. I'll have to think about ways of doing this.


To anyone interested in "Procrastination" let's move most of the discussion
off of this list. I will post a message here when updates are available.
Feature requests, bug reports, etc., should be sent directly to me.

Also, I found a different type of Max/MSP software looper available at
http://www.sirius.com/~ear/. Follow the software link.



For "Procrastination" and my Listening Room: