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loop tools - software - wanted!

Hello out there!
I am new to the Loopers-Delight.
I have Win95/200Mhz Pentium, Gina DAW, Cakewalk and MIDI modules.
I WANT The Oberheim Echoplex, but not enough spare $$$.

So, I am looking for software - Shareware or Freeware - to do what 
the Echoplex does.  It seems like a better place anyway, because
I could have stereo in/out, like the old 2-reel tape rigs we did in 70's 
(on the back of Fripp and Eno's album, remember???)

OR - Does anyone want to take a hack at writing one - in Visual Basic or

EMAIL ME!  CHuck Joy! ==> crs@usa.net