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Re: Vortex Tips

Hi Andy,
Tip one is good advice, if you checkout LaLa at my page you will hear
what I have never been able to recreate. Back in the early 90s I had an
attitude where I just twiddled knobs until I heard something,heh. ie; i
never wrote it down or recorded it.  I have never been able to find the
exact combo of settings to repeat this tune. Somebody else grabbed a boom

box out of their car and recorded all the Techno Babble tunes on the
page. Of course now I wish I had more , for nostalgia if nothing else.
As for tip two, sounds cool, tip three is a cool page, I'm sure that I
will use your resources frequently.
thanks alot,


SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

> Tip one
>  Use a notebook to write down patches you find.
> Tip two
>  i) power up vortex while holding both 'A/B' and 'reg/preset'
> ii) turn preset knob until OB appears, (or OA).
> iii) press reg/pre button.
> iv) turn reg/pre knob to produce a series of tones
> v) parameter knob varies volume
>        This would seem to be a very high quality sine wave generator,
>             125Hz to 16kHz
> Tip three
>  http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm
>            Andy Butler