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Re: GR-30 and Guitar Craft Tuning


Whoops, missed this one...  A problem that you could be running into with a
lower pitched string is going to be fret noise, and possibly noise 
by the HEX pickup getting tapped by the string.  I've found that the best 
with HEX pickups has been to go with graphite necks and thus get yourself 
of the hassles generated by multiple dead spots and possible bowing issues
when you use some odd tunings.  Michael Hedges is probably the best 
example on
the guitar with Michael Manring being in a similiar vein on bass guitar.

There are also a few gizmos out there that will allow you to make such 
with minimal loss of intonation and being off in the tuning, however 
again, I
stress that a graphite neck is the better bet than either wood or other

Hope this helps out.