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Re: Starr labs - Z Tar midi controller

>Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 13:15:52 -0800
>From: "Jonathan El-Bizri" <jbiz@linkexchange.com>

>I just bought a mini-Z fro Ztar systems. It's a mid controller set up 
>like a
>touch style instrument. >
>I don't know if I can recomend them yet (I have yet to see mine) but I 
>talked to a number of satisified customers. If anyone is interested, I'll
>dig up the web address. Their site has lots of pretty pictures for the

I had Harvey Starr build me a handhelp percussion controller about 3 
years ago.
here's my experience:

bad - 

I paid $900 up front & waited 15 months before I rec'd anything. It took 
numerous phone calls and during one of them he said "I've received death 
threats from people who've been waiting too long for their Z-Tars." This 
didn't make me very comfortable.

The Z-Bar was pretty much unplayable from an ergonomic standpoint I sent 
it back & got a refund.

good - 

His software kick ass - very, very flexible.

He did send me a demo low-end Z-Tar to play with while I was waiting - 
which a friend eventually bought from him.

In summary - Harvey is basically a nice guy & his Z-Tar * software are 
excellent but make sure you get a date from him as to when your gear will 
be built or better yet buy what's in stock. - the 30 day return is a nice