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Re: Percussion, drums anyone?

Cummings wrote:
> How many of you are of the above persuasion? That is,
> drum/percussion/loopism?

I'm of that persuasion.

> can mention what equipment you're
> using for starters and we'll take it from there.

Equip: four or five SM-57 mics, Tascam 1024 mixer, two EDPs, one SPX-90, 
one Alesis M-EQ 230, pair of Klpsch KP-250s or KP-320s.  Sometimes a 
gate/compressor/limiter (Alesis or Behringer).

Instr: marimba, glockenspiel, triangle, cymbal, gongs, singing bowls, 
claves, shakers, chimes, birdcalls, udu, didjeridus, waterphone, ocean 
drum, batu-tu, gopiyantra, ting-sha, cuica, bells, slit drums, etc.

Hope to hear back from you, Roberto, and others.

- Dennis LEas