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repeat: used echoplex pricing

I recently bought one for $550 with the footpedal (&4mb of ram).  Used
EDP are rarely seen.  Be aware that if you buy an older one it may
need the ver 5.00 firmware ($45), or other minor changes like certain
resistor values in order to be identical to current production models.  

Kim discusses some of the changes over time (like clipping the ADC0804
leg) in the edp faq at


---Chris Stecker <cstecker@cogsci.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Once again, I apologize for the mundane post, but I've recieved no
> and I really need to get a good idea of the current used price of the
> echoplex digital pro.  Anyone recently buy or sell one?  Just drop
me a
> quick note with the price paid, and I'll quit buggin' ya.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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