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Re: cheap acid

You think that's cool..check this out: Sonic Foundry is releasing an even 
cheaper version of ACID for about $50 bucks. The good part is that it'll 
be coming in different 'flavors' (DJ, Rock, etc...), and for your $50, 
you'll get a downscaled version of ACID and about 800 loops! 800 LOOPS! I 
also heard that some of these loops are totally cool, done by the likes 
of Bill Laswell, some well-known guitarists, etc. Funny thing is, the 
packages won't be available at music stores...they're going out to the 
gamer's market, like Best Buy, Comp USA, etc. Strange but true...

>for those of you interested, i found this on harmony-central 
>ACID caught your attention but it didn't fit into your budget, then you 
>want to consider the newly released ACID pH1. This version doesn't have 
>the features of the original ACID, but it has a list price of
>$99.95"..........hope its not the brown stuff.......michael