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Our Age & New reading please

Kim wrote:

        Other things about our age:
        - world population doubles every 40 years, and it's pretty damn
crowded now.
        - receiving way more information than is possible to understand,
        mediastreams are constant.
        - fundamentalism vs everyone else, world wide
        - mass migration
        - previously isolated cultures getting mixed together, trying to
        identity and figure out how to relate to each other

        I have no idea what the musical results will be, but I expect it
will be
        pretty damn screwy. :-)

I've gotta agree with Kim.  It's getting pretty damn weird.  Seems like
cultures are moving in all sorts of directions at once and music reflecting
that.   Fads, fads, fads... There less and less of a universally appealing
music / star.  Niches, niches, niches...  

Maybe that's the theme of our age?  With so may of us there are
niche-cultures the size of entire cultures from 20-40 years ago...