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...yet another new CD with some looping from a member of our list

        Just a brief note to annouce the completion of "The Three Ravens" 
- an album of 11 traditional songs from Scotland, England, & Ireland.  
Arrangments vary in style from traditional acoustic to Celtic Rock and on 
to eclectic textures featuring instruments from around the world.  And 
yes. . . LOOPING IS USED in a number of the tracks (some obvious and some 
quite subtle).
        To hear RealAudio clips go to the website:  
http://www.aracnet.net/~tianmus/3%20Ravens%20Title.htm .  Should any 
visitors happen to particularly like the music, there is an order form on 
the website (no hard sell here, and I certainly don't want to ignite any 
debates on CD prices - I feel it is  reasonably priced at $15 CANADIAN 
plus shipping).  Reviews have been good so far.  Let me know what you 


                Jon Grant