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RE: Halloween Loops

Mark Kata [mailto:Mark@asisoftware.com] extruded:
> Just set up your looping right and a few Marshall stacks on your front
> porch, create a scary loop and watch your neighbors cringe as
> they bring their kids by for trick or treating.

I highly recommend the above - and this year I'm incorporating an old
recording that most folks have already heard samples from for years, in 
and music, "The Language and Music of the Wolves," (Tonsil Records, are 
existent?) which was a "members' bonus" from the American Museum of Natural
History back in 1971.  Amongst other albums this stuff can be heard on is
Pink Floyd's "Dogs", from "Animals" (1977) - and, not so strangely, I
haven't found anyone who ever credited the recordings on this vinyl, in
their own work.

I'm racing against the clock now, but hope to have some snippets available
on the Halloween page (http://www.earthlight.net/Halloween) - and, for 
not in the mood to put together a loop for answering the door, might I 
my "Spooked" track, available for listening and downloading (RealAudio
format) at http://www.earthlight.net/Studios of course. :)

Now all I have to do is come up with a proper dedicatee for this week's

Stephen Goodman  -  It's... The Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Studios  -  http://www.earthlight.net/Studios